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MLK 50 years on
Posted on: Wednesday, April 04, 2018 Category: Cultures

Beale St in Memphis, Tennessee is the musical heart of America, a neon gulch of juke joints and music halls where Delta blues found Elvis and rock 'n' roll resulted. But for the city of Memphis this beautiful accident is overshadowed by a darker legacy and, standing outside the canary-and-claret fašade of the old Daisy Theater on Beale, a musician named Ekpe Abioto raises its ghost. 'It was a shock when Dr King was killed,' he says. 'It made people afraid to step out. People are still in shock, 50 years later.'

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Horns of a dilemma
Posted on: Sunday, November 19, 2017 Category: Cultures

The rhino is targeted by a posse of pick-ups. The lead vehicle accelerates across the grassland, the driver slews to a halt and, standing in the back, I watch as a silver gun barrel pokes through the open window on the passenger side. The rhino, in a group of three, takes a shot to the hindquarters. She swerves and staggers then runs for her life. While we wait for her to drop, the woman who pulled the trigger jumps from the Land Cruiser and lights up a cigarette.

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City of Big Stories
Posted on: Sunday, November 19, 2017 Category: Cities

Looking trim, exuding cool, 81-year-old Buddy Guy dips his head to the microphone. 'They don't play this kinda blues on the radio no more,' he growls. The audience in his eponymous bar in downtown Chicago whoops in anticipation. Then this doyen of the Blues guitar, mentor and hero of Keith Richards (one of whose guitars hangs behind the bar) and Robert Plant ('Inspiring me since I was a kid,' says a note on the wall from the Led Zep frontman) launches into Love Her With a Feeling: 'The woman I love, man, she kinda big and fat...'

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