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The Wrong Hands
OUP 2005, pbk 2006; Knopf in US, 2006, pbk 2008;
Random House Listening Library unabridged audio version, 2006


This is a fiction about a boy with a unique gift who regards it as a unique affliction. It started life as a novel for adults rather than teenagers. After the manuscript of the adult version was received with puzzlement, my agent, Clare Alexander, had the inspired idea of re-aiming the gun barrels. ‘Editors are finding your 35-year-old protagonist, Graham Sinclair, a bit creepy,’ she explained gently. 'But were you to make him, say, 14, his physical deformities, lack of social skills and general dysfunctionality would become endearing and intriguing as opposed to offputting, as is now the case.’
The Wrong Hands  
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